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Tekken 8's roster has been partially leaked

Tekken 8's roster has been partially leaked

During the last few months, we have been witness to the reveal of many of the fighters that you will be able to choose in Tekken 8. Classic characters in the iconic fighting series like Kazuya Mishima, Marshall Law, and King have surprised us with new outfits and martial arts movements, but Bandai Namco's upcoming game also has room for a few surprises. The huge popularity of Tekken as a fighting video game series causes its fans to be eager to know more about the upcoming installment, and any methods are valid when it comes to achieving such a goal. In this case, Tekken 8's network test has brought an unexpected opportunity to reveal more things about the game.

More and more fighters

By using the files from the game that were accessible during the network test, several data miners have used their magic to analyze the files and extract valuable information. In this case, the result such a method has yielded is a partial leak of the full character roster in the game. The list includes all the fighters revealed so far but also Alisa, Yoshimitsu, Shaheen, Raven, Zafine, and Steve. It's quite unlikely that those names and the previously revealed ones are the only ones in the full list. Overall, the general perception after the leak is that the new installment will feature more characters than Tekken 7 at launch. Of course, Bandai Namco will surely add many more after Tekken 8 is available to play, as it did with its predecessor.



If nothing else, the leak leaves us with the possible return of a favorite of the fans for Tekken 8. We are talking of Yoshimitsu, the Manji Clan ninja who can face any threat with his cursed blade and ninjutsu techniques as a weapon.

We are sure that the developer will confirm more Tekken 8 characters ahead of the release of the game, which still does not have a date. Meanwhile, you can watch the other characters' reveal videos in our news section. Remember that the best prices to buy a Tekken 8 CD key will be available with our comparator in due time.

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