Tekken 8 characters keep piling up ahead of release

Tekken 8 characters keep piling up ahead of release

It's expected for Tekken 8 to feature a wide range of characters for you to choose from at launch, but Bandai Namco may have overdone it. So far, we have seen plenty of characters from previous games in the series displaying their different martial arts styles in a series of videos. Of course, fighters like Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama will be present in the game alongside newcomers like Azucena, but the developers seem to have even more in store for the fans of the iconic fighting video game.

The Legends are back

A recent Tekken 8 video showcases not one but several legendary fighters that will return to the fighting arena with this instalment. Devil Jin, Zafina, Alisa Bosconovich, and Lee Chaolan make a stellar appearance in this video and show their exclusive abilities and fighting styles spectacularly for the joy of the fans.



If you think that there are already enough characters in Tekken 8, we are sorry to tell you that Bandai Namco begs to differ. Just yesterday another brand new character was revealed. Victor Chevalier is the founder of the UN's independent forces and the leader of the Raven unit. This refined fighter makes use of a series of lethal weapons to eliminate his opponents, including combat knives, a katana, and a handgun. He will prove to be a tough rival in the fighting arena.



Victor Chevalier is not the last Tekken 8 character to be revealed ahead of the release of the game. The last fighter in the roster will be unveiled on November 12 and it will complete a selection that includes a total of 32 different playable characters at launch.

Tekken 8 will definitely not be short of options for the players. If you don't want to miss the return of one of the best fighting video game series of all time, use our comparator to get a cheap Tekken 8 PlayStation 5 code and get ready to play on day one.

Tekken 8
Tekken 8
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