Darkest Dungeon II will also be released on Xbox consoles this month

Darkest Dungeon II will also be released on Xbox consoles this month

Darkest Dungeon II is the sequel to the legendary dungeon crawler roguelike from Red Hook Studios. It delivers a significantly different experience from its predecessor in terms of gameplay as it sends your group on a challenging expedition through unexplored lands in order to defeat a fearsome boss. Randomized encounters, plenty of new enemies, the classic morale mechanics, and plenty of novelties and advantages to unlock as you play are additions that make the new game quite an appealing option to the fans of the first Darkest Dungeon. The game maintains the essence of the original when it comes to turn-based combat mechanics, but introduces new specializations for each class that can alter their role and add a new layer of strategy to your adventure. With all these features, Darkest Dungeon II became a hit soon after it was released on PC, and it will soon hit all major consoles too.

Also on Xbox

A couple of months ago, developer Red Hook Studios revealed its plans to launch Darkest Dungeon II on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Nothing was said about Xbox consoles then, but as the release date of the game on those consoles approaches, the studio has also confirmed that a port of the game for Xbox consoles will also be released on the same date as the other two. The announcement was made yesterday and it came accompanied by a video that you can watch right below.



As you probably know if you are a fan of the Darkest Dungeon series, there is a DLC available for Darkest Dungeon II. The Binding Blade includes two new heroes, a wandering boss, and special questlines to the game. It will also be available on all major consoles on the same date but you will have to buy it separately. It's definitely worth it if you like the game as it adds more strategic options and possible combos that will allow you to gain an advantage against certain enemies with specific group compositions.

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