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Darkest Dungeon II's first DLC will add 2 new heroes

Darkest Dungeon II's first DLC will add 2 new heroes

Darkest Dungeon II is the sequel to a revolutionary game considered one of the best turn-based roguelike experiences thanks to its engaging gameplay and affliction system. Developer Red Hook Studios has taken a slightly different approach to the gameplay in this new adventure. Instead of allowing you to explore the depths of a state cursed by an ancient evil you are now emabarked in a perilous journey to free the land from darkness. Not only do you have to face challenging enemies, but also keep your heroes sane and alive in an dark adventure.

Darkest Dungeon II became a hit even before it was released. The game stayed in Early Access for about a year, and a huge community contributed to improving the game with its feedback. Now, Darkest Dungeon II is finally getting its first DLC, and as it happened in the original Darkest Dungeon with The Crimson Court, it will bring new heroes who will join you in your impossible mission.

Two new brave heroes

The Binding Blade is the first DLC for Darkest Dungeon II, and it introduces two new character classes. One of them will be familiar to the fans of the first game. The Crusader is a "battle hardened knight is fueled by a radiant Holy fire and will Smite his foes where they stand." Meanwhile, the Duelist is a brand new addition to the series. She is a "disciplined and deadly combatant capable of tactically switching between Defensive and Aggressive stances." They will be a great addition to your team and offer many more tactical options in battle.



The DLC will also feature their exclusive trinkets, special equipment, and backstories, as well as a new threat that will haunt your heroes while they try to reach the Mountain. The Warlord is a new mini-boss you can encounter on your travels, and it will make your mission even more challenging.

The release of The Binding Blade is scheduled for next month, although no specific release date has been revealed yet. Don't forget to use our comparator to get a cheap Darkest Dungeon II PC code if you don't want to miss this amazing sequel.

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