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    Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin is a unique RTS experience set in the fantasy world created by Games Workshop. Immerse in an epic campaign that will have you leading one of 4 exclusive factions as you try to conquer the legendary Realm of Ghur. Gather an army and take part in thrilling action battles. Recruit powerful heroes and improve their combat capabilities as you progress through a procedurally generated campaign.

    In Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin you can also challenge other warlords from all over the world in exciting multiplayer PvP battles.

    The game features a variety of competitive modes where you can put your strategy to the test against other players. Climb up the ranks in the leaderboards and become a force to be feared in the universe of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

    If you are up for a different type of challenge, Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin also includes a complete editor that you can use to create your own maps and a livery editor to customize your army with unique looks.

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    Comments on Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin

    Nov 17, 2023, 08:37on
    Es un juego de estrategia en tiempo real ambientado en el universo fantástico de Warhammer. El juego ofrece una campaña cinemática, un multijugador competitivo y un modo de conquista eterna, además de herramientas para crear y compartir mapas y ejércitos personalizados. El juego destaca por su variedad de facciones, unidades, héroes y monstruos, así como por su fidelidad al lore de Warhammer. Mi opinión es que es un juego muy entretenido y desafiante para los fans de la estrategia y de Warhammer
    It is a real-time strategy game set in the Warhammer fantasy universe. The game offers a cinematic campaign, a competitive multiplayer and an eternal conquest mode, as well as tools to create and share maps and customized armies. The game stands out for its variety of factions, units, heroes and monsters, as well as its fidelity to the Warhammer lore. My opinion is that it is a very entertaining and challenging game for strategy and Warhammer fans.
    Nov 15, 2023, 02:37on
    Realms of Ruin ofrece una experiencia de juego estratégica y desafiante. Los jugadores pueden tomar el control de diversas facciones y ejércitos, cada uno con sus propias habilidades y tácticas únicas. La personalización y la planificación son clave para el éxito en este juego, ya que los jugadores deben tomar decisiones estratégicas para alcanzar la victoria.
    Realms of Ruin offers a challenging and strategic gameplay experience. Players can take control of various factions and armies, each with their own unique abilities and tactics. Customization and planning are key to success in this game, as players must make strategic decisions to achieve victory.
    Nov 14, 2023, 05:53on
    Licence un poil surexploité mais le genre RTS étant un peu en voie de disparition, tout nouveau du genre est le bienvenue !
    The license is a little over-exploited, but the RTS genre is a bit of a dying breed, so any newcomer to the genre is welcome!
    Nov 14, 2023, 00:38on
    Libra una campaña de brutales conquistas en este juego de devastadora estrategia en tiempo real que tiene lugar en el universo de Warhammer Age of Sigmar, ¿estas preparado?
    Wage a campaign of brutal conquest in this devastating real-time strategy game set in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar universe, are you ready?
    Nov 13, 2023, 20:17on
    Conquista el reino de Ghur y desafía a caudillos de todo el mundo en línea en el modo multijugador multiplataforma. Haz crecer tu honor en el juego casual o pon a prueba tu estrategia y obtén la corona como gobernante de Ghur en el juego competitivo por clasificatorias. Solo una cosa es segura: ¡La guerra nunca descansará!
    Conquer the kingdom of Ghur and challenge warlords from around the world online in cross-platform multiplayer mode. Grow your honor in casual play or test your strategy and win the crown as ruler of Ghur in competitive ranked play. Only one thing is for sure: The war will never rest!
    Nov 13, 2023, 18:49on
    Sincèrement, j'ai regardé le trailer de lancement et je suis épaté. Ce jeux vas être un excellant RTS
    Honestly, I've watched the launch trailer and I'm blown away. This game is going to be an excellent RTS
    Nov 13, 2023, 15:59on
    Warhammer est une très bonne licence et Frontier Developments est un bon Studio même s'il utilise denuvo dans quasiment tous ses jeux, reste plus qu'à attendre et voir le résultat.
    Warhammer is a very good license and Frontier Developments is a good studio, even if it uses denuvo in almost all its games. All that remains is to wait and see the results.
    Nov 16, 2023, 13:17on
    Je ne suis pas un fan de la série donc je vais l'éviter, trop de jeux à acheter ces derniers temps.
    I'm not a fan of the series so I'll avoid it, too many games to buy lately.
    Nov 16, 2023, 01:04on
    Warhammer, c'est une valeur sûre ! Je suis persuadé que le jeu sera génial !!
    Warhammer is a sure thing! I'm sure the game will be great!
    Nov 15, 2023, 00:31on
    Creo que estos juegos no han sido más populares por falta de accesibilidad en consolas. Yo los recomiendo. Espero dedicarle muchas horas.
    I think these games have not been more popular because of lack of accessibility on consoles. I recommend them. I hope to dedicate many hours to them.
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    • Technical information

    • Categories : Action , Strategy
    • Editor : Frontier Developments
    • Developer : Frontier Developments
    • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer
    • Release date : November 17, 2023
    • System Requirements
      • Recommended
      • OS : Windows 10/11 (64-bit)
      • CPU : Core i7-8700 / Ryzen 5 2600X
      • RAM : 16 GB
      • GPU : GeForce RTX 2070 Super / Radeon RX 6700 XT
      • Storage : 27 GB
    • Age Rating
    • PEGI 16
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