The Thaumaturge was delayed by two weeks

The Thaumaturge was delayed by two weeks

The game developer Fool's Theory and publisher 11 Bit Studios took to Twitter to announce that The Thaumaturge, their upcoming RPG, has been delayed by two weeks despite the game being complete and already in the hands of critics worldwide. The reason? The fierce competition for releases in February.

The delay is a strategic move in hopes that players pay more attention to this new IP amid other titans releasing.

Check out the official statement from the company:

"We're happy to share that the game is now complete, and numerous reviewers have it already in their hands. At the same time, taking February's busy launch period into account and the opening for a better release window, we've decided to take this opportunity to give The Thaumaturge more breathing room so it receives the attention we believe it deserves.

We want you to have enough time to enjoy the game in full, and we feel that the current release window is not the perfect moment for it. With that in mind, we are moving the launch date to March 4, 2024.

The additional time we're getting will be used to polish the game further so that your journey through the streets of 1905 Warsaw is even more enjoyable.

We truly can't wait for you to play it, and thank you for your patience!"

In January, we had the launch of Tekken 8 and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. At the beginning of February, Granblue Fantasy: Relink and Persona 3 Reload hit the shelves. These last three JRPGs, by the way, have reached the milestone of 1 million units sold in a short time, showing the Eastern influence in the gaming world.

Remember that although Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is coming on February 29, the RPG will be temporarily exclusive to PlayStation 5, while The Thaumaturge will initially be released only for PC. Overall, it seems RPG enthusiasts are feasting well in early 2024.

The Thaumaturge is a story-focused RPG with morally ambiguous decisions set in the culturally diverse Warsaw of the early 20th century. In this world, there are esoteric beings called salutors, which only thaumaturges can truly perceive and manipulate.

The game will be released for PC on March 4, 2024, followed by versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S at a later date. If you're craving more CRPGs, be sure to check out our comparator for the best deals on The Thaumaturge and experience a Warsaw as you've never seen.

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