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    Granblue Fantasy: Relink is a new installment in the popular video game and anime series Granblue Fantasy. This exciting role-playing game will transport you to a fantasy world following the adventures of the captain of an airship, who can be either Gran or Djeeta. As it usually happens in this type of Japanese game, your objective will be to save the world from an impending threat. You will fight primal beasts and recruit powerful allies as you explore the vast sky of this marvelous world and gather resources to empower your abilities. 

    You can expect to take part in thrilling fights against powerful bosses and explore plenty of new locations in this new adventure that continues the story of the characters that have made the Granblue Fantasy series a favorite of the fans. The game features impressive anime-style visuals and a combat system in which you will be accompanied by other members of your crew when you fight against enemies in battles full of action. You can also share the fun with other friends in cooperative mode for up to four players.

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