Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League launch trailer is ready

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League launch trailer is ready

We have watched plenty of footage of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League already, including an extended presentation that offered a deep dive into the gameplay mechanics and a part of the story. However, Rocksteady is still able to surprise us with a spectacular launch trailer that combines thrilling gameplay sequences full of action with in-game cinematics to prepare the fans for what's coming with the game's release.

Can you do the impossible?

Under normal conditions, the members of the Suicide Squad would probably stand no chance when fighting against their antagonists, but in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League you will attempt to achieve something almost impossible: killing Superman and some of the most powerful heroes in DC Comics universe. Being under Brainiac's influence makes the members of the Justice League even more dangerous and the Suicide Squad will have to use all the tricks in the book to defeat them. The Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League launch trailer serves as the best possible introduction to the next action game set in the Arkhamverse from the creators of the Batman Arkham series.



Rocksteady has created a game that offers a thrilling experience with a narrative full of twists and surprises. The studio has taken quite an original approach to the adventure by allowing the Suicide Squad to gain additional powers by stealing weapons and gadgets used by other iconic villains. This results in additional movement capabilities for most characters and combat that is much more dynamic than you would expect to find in a third-person action game, especially when you share the adventure with other players in cooperative mode.

There are other superhero games, but the possibility of playing as one of the bad guys and fighting against iconic heroes is a great incentive to play Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. If you want to unleash your inner villain, our comparator offers you the cheapest price Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League for your platform of choice.

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