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Ghostrunner 2 will have plenty of post-launch content

Ghostrunner 2 will have plenty of post-launch content

Publisher 505 Games will release the sequel to its fan-favorite action adventure Ghostrunner. The second take on the post-apocalyptic universe created by One More Level will put you in the shoes of a cybernetic ninja once more. Ghostrunner 2 brings plenty of novelties to the table in a new hack-and-slash adventure that follows the same pattern that captivated plenty of players in the previous game: running through a cyberpunk city while slashing your way through enemies at top speed. The game is more immersive than ever and it will allow you to face new challenges.



Explore the Cybervoid beyond the Dharma tower

Ghostrunner 2 offers you frantic action, dynamic new abilities, and exciting gameplay modes as you fight against an evil and violent AI cult that threatens what's left of humanity. There is no rest for a fighter like you after dealing with the problems at Dharma tower and the grounds beyond that cursed place will pose a new challenge.

The release of Ghostrunner 2 is scheduled for October 26, 2023, and you will soon discover all of its novelties, but the developer studio has even more surprises prepared for the game in the future. One More Level has recently revealed its plans to expand Ghostrunner 2 after launch. The studio will release several DLCs that will add a range of features including a brand new Endless Moto Mode, plenty of cosmetic items, and more. All of these additions will be included in the Ghostrunner 2 Season Pass, but you will be able to buy them separately too. The first DLC for Ghostrunner 2 will be released in December and it will include several skins for your sword, hands, and bike.

Ghostrunner 2 will take gameplay to the next level with vehicular combat, harder bosses, and new powers for your character. If you don't want to miss this adventure, feel free to use our comparator to get a cheap Ghostrunner 2 code and return to the Cybervoid next Thursday.

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