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Final Fantasy XVI announces two DLCs

Final Fantasy XVI announces two DLCs

The Game Awards ceremony honored developers with their annual awards and delighted viewers with several announcements, including exciting world premieres. Final Fantasy XVI competed in four categories and walked away with the Best Score & Music statuette. However, fans were treated to information about two upcoming DLCs for the epic game.

Entitled "Echoes of the Fallen" and "The Rising Tide," both promise to enrich the Valisthea lore, offering new dungeons, bosses, and even a renowned water Eikon to expand Clive's arsenal. Surprisingly, "Echoes of the Fallen" shadowdropped and is already available for purchase and download, while "The Rising Tide" is scheduled for release in spring 2024.



"Echoes of the Fallen" is expected to tell the story of the Fallen, an ancient civilization that resided in Valisthea before the Final Fantasy XVI's events. The trailer mentions how they created the Eikonoclasts, terrible weapons from which the name Eikons derived. The video shows Clive facing off against Omega, a recurring enemy often referred to as a Weapon in the franchise. The protagonist explores the ruins of the Fallen alongside Jill, Joshua, and Torgal. The first DLC adds a story, battles, weapons, accessories, a level cap increase, but it doesn't seem to bring significant changes to the gameplay.

"The Rising Tide" seems to narrate the tale of the lost Eikon, Leviathan, a famous water serpent in the franchise. The stage for the second DLC is the Misidia region, and gives the impression of being a much larger area than the first. In combat previews, Clive is seen using Leviathan's power to unleash new moves from the aquatic Eikon, providing a refreshing twist to the gameplay.

Initially, director Hiroshi Takai mentioned that there would be no DLCs in Final Fantasy XVI. The producer, Naoki Yoshida, said they wanted a complete game from start to finish. However, after fan requests, he commented that they were considering expanding the universe, and it seems they have indeed grown it. We cannot confirm if there will be more DLCs in the future, but we can expect the PC version of Final Fantasy XVI in the future. At the moment, Naoki Yoshida is expected to return to focus on the expansion of Final Fantasy XVI: Dawntrail.

Final Fantasy XVI was released on June 22, 2023, and sold 3 million units within a few days of launch. A PC version has been confirmed but without a release date yet. For those interested in experiencing Clive's epic adventures in Valisthea, check our comparator for the best CD key deals on Final Fantasy XVI and enjoy the freshly out-of-the-oven new DLC.

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