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No game will change your perspective like Toodee and Topdee. As the name implies, this is a hybrid platformer and top-down puzzle game. You play two adorable cartoon characters, Toode and Topdee, who must work together to complete each level. 

Each character has their own unique player perspective that you can switch through. In Toodee’s view, the game world turns into a 2D platformer where you need to run, swim, or jump from one elevation to another. In Topdee’s view, the world becomes a 3D top-down puzzle game where you can move blocks around to different positions. When you switch to Toodee, the blocks may become platforms to jump on. You need both friends’ perspectives to overcome fiendishly complex challenges, collect items on the map, and finish each level. 

The world quickly adapts to whichever perspective you use. Enemies that are 2D in Topdee’s view turn 3D in Topdee’s view. Water that’s flat in 2D flows around in 3D. Even bosses change their behavior when you’re playing one character or the other. There’s nothing quite like Toodee and Topdee. You have to play it to understand. And while it can take a minute to learn how to play, it can take a while to master!

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