Square Enix confirms the release date for Visions of Mana

Square Enix confirms the release date for Visions of Mana

Visions of Mana is the next installment in the popular RPG series created by Square Enix. The developer has plenty of experience with games in that genre, but the upcoming title also belongs to a series with a long story behind it. The Mana series started shining in the West back in 1993 with the release of Secret of Mana for SNES, and since then several titles have contributed to making it the favourite of a huge fan base. Visions of Mana promises to take the series back to its roots with a brand new storyline starring Vald and Hina, a couple of friends embarked on an exciting journey across the universe of the game. This immersive adventure will introduce new features, a semi-open world for you to explore, and plenty of classes and new companions.

The information about Visions of Mana released so far has generated great hype and the fans are eagerly waiting for its release. Square Enix has been silent about the date, at least until yesterday, when a brand new video of the game revealed that it's coming this summer.



Coming in August

The release of Visions of Mana is scheduled for August 29 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. The game won't be available on Nintendo Switch at launch but you can already pre-order Visions of Mana at the best price for other platforms. apart from the standard edition of the game, you can also purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes additional outfits and more.

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