March Trailer for Visions of Mana revealed

March Trailer for Visions of Mana revealed

It's widely recognized that Square Enix's Mana series has had a profound impact on the JRPG genre since its debut in 1991. With deep stories and memorable combat, the franchise has endured the test of time. Despite the last mainline game releasing 18 years ago, fan enthusiasm remains strong, as evidenced by the success of the 2020 remake of Trials of Mana.

Visions of Mana is an upcoming action role-playing game published by Square Enix for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S. The game marks the fifth main title in the Mana series. First announced in 2021, Visions of Mana is the first mainline release since Dawn of Mana in 2006 and reunites series designer/director Koichi Ishii, producer Masaru Oyamada, and composers Hiroki Kikuta, Tsuyoshi Sekito, and Ryo Yamazaki.

On March 28th, a new trailer for Visions of Mana titled "Visions of Mana | March Trailer" was uploaded to the official Square Enix YouTube channel:

Visions of Mana is set in a fantasy world where players take control of Val, a young man from the Fire Village of Tianeea. When his childhood friend, Hinna, undergoes a pilgrimage to the sacred Mana Tree, which controls the flow of mana throughout the world, Val accompanies her as a protector or "Soul Guard". Other characters who join Val on his mission include Morley, a cat-man and speedy attacker who seeks to overcome a traumatic event from his past, and Careena, a half-human, half-dragon dubbed "The One-Winged Oracle" who is always accompanied by her young dragon companion Ramcoh, the child of a sacred beast.

Your journey in Visions of Mana will take you across an expansive semi-open field that you can explore smoothly. The series's themes of nature and the elemental aspects of mana are captured through the stunningly detailed environments and vibrant, colorful graphics. These vast areas are packed with secrets to discover and enemies to battle, from fan-favorite staples like Rabites to brand-new monsters. As is tradition for the Mana series, the party-based combat is real-time and fast-paced, with lots of strategic depth - you’ll have to watch your enemies and your environment to prevail in these thrilling skirmishes.

Visions of Mana is scheduled for worldwide release in the summer of 2024. To ensure you don't miss out on any deals, be sure to utilize our price comparison tool to preorder Visions of Mana.

Mar 30, 2024, 02:46
I got huge vibes of breath of the wild from the trailer and I'm hyped!!!
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