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Silent Hill 2's official rating anticipates its release

Silent Hill 2's official rating anticipates its release

The Silent Hill series is a favorite of horror video game fans and it has become a cult series over the years. The announcement of a remake of Silent Hill 2 a couple of years ago was followed by all kinds of rumours and speculation about the possible content in the game, All those shifted to unbridled anticipation when the game's combat was shown last January, as the spectacular images revealed that the new Silent Hill 2 is going to be full of action. However, the video was also the origin of many doubts for the fans as it didn't reveal anything in terms of the story. However, the final answer to those questions may be around the corner with the release of the game.

Not for kids

While there is no official confirmation of a release date for Silent Hill 2, it may be closer than ever. The game has been officially rated in Korea and North America, which is something that usually happens shortly before a video game is released. Therefore, we could see an official announcement about this matter very soon and Silent Hill 2 would possibly be released even sometime before next Summer. As expected, Silent Hill 2 has been rated Mature, which is something quite logical for a horror game with explicit and brutal violence as seen in the combat video.



While we wait for an official announcement of the Silent Hill 2 release date, we can only hope that it's accompanied by more information about the game's mechanics and gameplay. Modernizing such a game is not easy by any means, especially when trying to please a huge community of fans who love the original classic. As the creators of games like Layers of Fear, Blair Witch, and The Medium, the guys in Bloober Team have a lot of experience with horror games and they are surely putting it to the best use in order to create a remake that is worthy enough.

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Kitten Chucklenugget
Kitten Chucklenugget
Apr 3, 2024, 5:33 AM
i guarentee you'll have much fun playing Alone in the Dark remake than this game. Konami is back in gaming business but they're not spending any budget on their games anymore
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