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Palworld reveals its roadmap for Early Access

Palworld reveals its roadmap for Early Access

Despite the huge controversy about Palworld being a copy of Pokémon, more and more players delve into its universe every day. The game's numbers keep growing, and it's on the way to becoming the game with most concurrent players on Steam. The Pokémon Company has already stated that it's looking into it, especially after a mod that turns all the Pals into Pokémon and the main character into Ash Ketchum was released for Palworld.

The level of uncertainty about possible legal actions against the game created by Pocketpair has even caused Nexus Mod to declare that it's not comfortable with hosting such a mod.  Meanwhile, the developers of Palworld seem to be quite tranquil while surfing the highest popularity wave seen recently on Steam, so much so that they even have unveiled their plans for the game in the future.

A roadmap full of novelties

Palworld is a game in Early Access, and the game is bound to go through many changes and modifications before the final version is finally out. Developer Pocketpair has very ambitious plans for the game and plans to expand it with plenty of new features. First, the studio will focus on polishing the game by fixing a series of bugs, and Pals will receive improvements to their AI and pathing. In a series of future updates, the game will receive new content in the form of raid bosses, PvP, a Pal arena, and new islands, Pals, bosses, and technologies. Crossplay between Steam and Xbox consoles will be the final touch to complete Palworld, alongside features like server transfers and migrations which will grant the players greater freedom.



Leaving aside the question about the similarity of Palworld to Pokémon games, the community that enjoys the game does not stop to discover more features every day. It turns out that you can capture and tame humans as well as Pals in the game, which opens the door to new interactions. Some players have even been able to tame bosses, although this is probably a bug.

When it comes to gameplay, the deeper you immerse in Palworld the less similar to Pokémon it is, and that may be the key to its success. In any case, we will have to wait a bit longer to see if the game's spectacular ascension ends in the court or not. Meanwhile, you can find the best deals on Palworld digital codes with our comparator if you want to discover the game that everyone is talking about right now.

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