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Palworld achieves record sales in just a few days

Palworld achieves record sales in just a few days

Palworld is the sensation of the moment in the world of video games. This open-world survival game created by Pocketpair sold two million copies on its first day in Early Access. Two days later, that number was doubled and it keeps growing at a ludicrous speed. The game is set in a world populated by mysterious creatures known as Pals, which are quite similar to Pokémon. You can tame them and make them fight for you but also work for you in factories and farms where you take advantage of their unique powers. In Palworld, Pals can be considered as weapons, tools, food, and commodities, all at the same time. The game challenges you to survive in a multiplayer environment that gathers up to 32 players by making use of the Pals however you see fit.



Pokémon with guns

The release of Palworld in Early Access has rapidly generated a big controversy as the game has been accused of being a blatant copy of Pokémon. Many of the Pals in the game are remarkably similar to some iconic Pokémon. However, this does not seem to be a problem for the millions of players who have already immersed themselves in a gameplay experience that emphasizes survival with Palworld. Instead, there is also a part of the community that would like to see Game Freak take a more aggressive approach to the Pokémon series by introducing similar mechanics.

Palworld is a game where surviving is your goal. No matter how cute the Pals can be, they are useful tools to achieve your goals. Such an approach is fairly aggressive and disruptive compared to Pokémon, but it has caught the eye of many players who were looking for a different type of experience.



Right now, Palworld is a game in evolution. While you can play the game alongside friends in co-op mode online, the creators of Palworld are planning to introduce PvP in the game and allow players to trade their Pals. The addition of such features will significantly change the gameplay mechanics, making the game even more interactive and challenging.

We will have to wait to find out if Palworld is the first big surprise of 2024. The game has demonstrated that a huge community does not care about its resemblance with other games and even finds it appealing. At the end of the day, the overall gameplay experience that a game delivers is the key to success and Palworld still has a long road ahead to surpass games like Pokémon Legends: Arceus and the other titles in the series.

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