Metaphor: ReFantazio will not have any romance options

Metaphor: ReFantazio will not have any romance options

Coming from the minds behind the Persona series, including director Katsura Hashino, the team is now embarking on their latest project, Metaphor: ReFantazio, promising another innovative JRPG masterpiece. Recently, we've been receiving a lot of new information about the game, along with the official release date of Metaphor: ReFantazio, which further fuels our anticipation for its launch.

Many elements from Persona are present in Metaphor: ReFantazio; turn-based combat, stylish UI, and unique storytelling methods are all featured in the game, leading fans to wonder if Persona-like features such as Social Links will appear in Metaphor: ReFantazio In a Japanese live stream event called Metaphor: Stalker Club, a Q&A question finally addressed this fan curiosity, with the response translated by Persona Central.

According to the developers, a system similar to Social Links will indeed appear in Metaphor: ReFantazio, but it won't be identical to Persona. Instead of forming bond connections with characters in the game and deepening relationships with them to earn Social Points, in Metaphor: ReFantazio, you'll build and shape relationships with characters you encounter on your journey, and they'll become "Supporters" for your protagonist.

"By deepening friendships with those you meet on your journey, some of them will become supporters (i.e. followers). Sensing the heroic feelings within them, those manifest through the Archetypes." The deverlopers responded.

They also confirmed that this relationship mechanism won't include any romantic relationships for the characters. Fans of the Persona series might feel disappointed hearing this news since in Persona, players can choose their favorite character and attempt to form romantic relationships with one or even multiple characters, though it may have some consequences. The community enjoys rallying behind their favorite girls and discussing who the best girl among them is, so losing this feature might feel somewhat lacking.

However, it's not all bleak as it may seem. Many have pointed out that while the new relationship mechanic in Metaphor: ReFantazio may lack romantic choices, it doesn't mean the game will completely omit romantic relationships in the storyline. It's entirely possible that we'll still encounter romantic elements within the game's narrative rather than through gameplay mechanics.

The Social Link mechanic from Persona being adapted into a similar function in Metaphor: ReFantazio is a good sign, and if you're interested in learning more about Social Links in Persona, you can use our price comparison tool to get the best deals for Persona 5 or Persona 3 Reload to experience this mechanic firsthand, and don't forget to look out for the best discount on Metaphor: ReFantazio upon its release.

Apr 28, 2024, 7:09 AM
OOOF that's gonna hurt the anime game. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth added romance options and that is a western made game
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