Creators of Metaphor: ReFantazio explain the game

Creators of Metaphor: ReFantazio explain the game

Metaphor: ReFantazio could be summed up as a Persona in a high-fantasy setting, but that would be doing a disservice to this new IP from Studio Zero, a subsidiary of Atlus responsible for games like Catherine. Announced six years ago as Project Re Fantasy, it was a long journey between forgetfulness and anticipation until the project became Metaphor: ReFantazio and entered the radar of JRPG enthusiasts, especially those who enjoy Persona.

An interview with director Katsura Hashino, composer Shoji Meguro, and character designer Shigenori Soejima, who worked on Persona 3 through Persona 5, gives us a deep dive into more information about Metaphor: ReFantazio, showing how the world works, its plot, the battle system, and much more.



In the world of Metaphor: ReFantazio, magic was once common and a product of the user's imagination. As time passed, people lost contact with natural magic and depended on magic tools to tap into it. The main characters, however, can use a different type of magic where they transform into weapons, known as Archetypes. To unlock new archetypes, it is necessary to interact with others and awaken these heroic aspects; in other words, it's the social link version in the universe of Metaphor: ReFantazio.

The game's story begins with the death of the current king. An election is then held to decide who will be the next, which is nothing more than a popularity contest among anyone interested. Although this race for kingship seems fair, there are those behind the scenes who will try to manipulate the competitors and try to maintain the control they have. The protagonist becomes involved in the election and needs to travel the country while seeking support.

Persona was famous for having a time limit for its actions, defined by the end of each school period, and a dungeon representing the end of the arc. Metaphor: ReFantazio will have a similar approach. The election also has a time limit, so it's up to the player to choose what to do and explore while garnering the population's support. For this, they introduced a new combat system that is more fluid and seamless.

The turn-based system returns. However, players can opt for a real-time action battle when facing weaker enemies to make the journey smoother. It's a distinctive take that keeps the classic turn-based system untouched but creates a more contemporary dynamism.

Metaphor: ReFantazio still has no confirmed release date but is scheduled for Fall 2024. The game will be available for PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series, and Windows. For those interested, check our comparator for the best deals on Metaphor: ReFantazio and get ready to dive into a completely new world of high fantasy.

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