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Manor Lords consolidates its leadership with over 2 million copies sold

Manor Lords consolidates its leadership with over 2 million copies sold

Manor Lords is an exciting city builder that captivated many players long before it was released in Early Access. More than three million people wishlisted the game ahead of its release and now, just three weeks after Manor Lords entered Early Access on Valve's platform, a huge number of players is already trying to build a thriving community under their govern as feudal Lords. Historical authenticity and an exciting strategy experience based on solid gameplay mechanics are the highlights of Manor Lords. The game surely has a bright future ahead and the numbers are there to back this claim up.

Strategy at its best

Publisher Hooded Horse has confirmed that Manor Lords has already sold over 2 million copies across several digital distribution platforms on PC, including Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, and Windows Store. This is even more impressive if you take into account that the first million copies were sold on the same day the game entered Early Access. Those numbers translate into an impressive number of concurrent players, which have positioned Manor Lords way ahead of many triple-A games from popular franchises.



Still, the game has a long way ahead in Early Access, and the developer studio is open to substantially modifying some of its features to make it even more appealing. Recently, Slavic Magic revealed that it would be making changes to address one of the players' biggest concerns: a trading system that allowed players to easily raise incredible amounts of money just by selling a single resource.

If you are looking for a good strategy game set in medieval times, Manor Lords is the answer. Feel free to use our comparator to purchase a cheap Manor Lords PC key today and discover why the game has become a big hit so fast if you are not ruling your own territory in the game already.

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