Manor Lords reaches 2 million wishlists on Steam

Manor Lords reaches 2 million wishlists on Steam

Manor Lords is a medieval territory management simulation game developed by Slavic Magic, an independent game developer from Poland. Slavic Magic was founded in 2016 by a group of developers passionate about history and strategy. Manor Lords is Slavic Magic's debut project and has received positive reviews from the gaming community.

In the game, the player's main task is to build and expand their own territory. Initially, players start with a small area where they can:

  • Construct architectural buildings: houses, markets, forges, etc.
  • Search for food and resources.
  • Establish a stable economic environment for the village.

Once the construction and development of the territory are complete, the next task for the player is to expand their territory by conquering other lands. Players engage in real-time strategy battles on a large scale with various armies, employing tactics to secure victory.

One of the strengths of the game is how the world of Manor Lords operates. Players have the ability to walk the streets and interact with their people. The village life feels authentic, from trading to eating, all activities shaped by the player's decisions. The game's graphics are excellent, with vibrant sounds and rhythms that make the game world feel truly alive.

Entering 2024, Manor Lords has had an extremely strong start. With its promising gameplay, the game immediately captured the hearts of fans, quickly accumulating over 2 million wishlists and currently ranking second in the most anticipated games list, right after Hades II. The person behind Manor Lords' success expressed surprise at the level of success the game has achieved, stating that he never expected his game to reach such heights.

In a statement, developer Greg Styczeń says that "when we first launched the announcement trailer in 2020, my girlfriend said she expected me to get 7,000 wishlists." Styczeń had slightly more optimism than that, putting his own personal estimate at 14,000 wishlists. "Suffice to say," he says, "I did not expect the game to pick up so much interest and hit over two million. I hope this is encouraging for other devs who struggle to get their games out there. I had no idea how the game would be received or if I'd be bad at marketing, but luckily I wasn't discouraged and kept going."

Manor Lords is scheduled for release on April 26, 2024. To receive the best deals for this highly awaited game, we encourage you to use the price comparison tool provided by dLcompare to purchase a Manor Lords CD key.

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