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Cyberpunk 2077 leaves behind its troubled launch

Cyberpunk 2077 leaves behind its troubled launch

It's been quite a while since Cyberpunk 2077 became absolutely infamous due to its problems at launch. The performance of the game on consoles and other issues plagued CD Projekt Red's sci-fi adventure for quite a few months after launch, even with the developers acknowledging all the problems and promising to fix them as soon as possible. The game was even set as the basic example of a troubled launch, even though it was playable. The result of such events led to both the studio and the game being bashed across all platforms and social media, getting a massive negative response on platforms like Steam. If truth be told, the state of the game wasn't even that bad outside of old-gen consoles, but the hype generated by Cyberpunk 2077 over the years led to a huge disappointment.

The sun finally shines over Night City

Even when the developers fixed all those issues and the game delivered a unique experience without major flaws Cyberpunk 2077 still suffered a huge number of negative reviews on Steam. Believe it or not, those times have ended. It took a while but the game now has a "very positive" user score on Valve's platform, and that's not because of some magic but because of its own merits. Cyberpunk 2077 delivers an exciting RPG experience set in a futuristic world where violence and money are the keys to power in a corrupted society. A gripping plot with multiple endings based on your decisions, plenty of side quests to complete, deep character and skill customization systems, and action to boot complete an offer that has captivated an increasing number of people.

With the release of the Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty expansion around the corner, CD Projekt Red can now brag about a job well done that is about to become even better. The expansion will bring a rework of the skill system, introducing more skill trees, and it will also enhance several other gameplay systems to make the experience even better. That's more than enough to raise some eyebrows but you will also discover a new district of Night City and get immersed in a spy thriller with government agents and a secret conspiracy. Could you ask for more?



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