Become the Drug Lord in Drug Dealer Simulator 2

Become the Drug Lord in Drug Dealer Simulator 2

Video games allow you to immerse in virtual experiences beyond your imagination. Traversing the space in Starfield, becoming a pirate in Sea of Thieves, or exploring a dangerous fantasy world in Elden Ring are things that anyone can do from the comfort of their home. However, you don't have to go that far away to immerse in a thrilling experience and mundane things can be quite an adventure as long as it's not something that you would normally do in your daily life. Drug Dealer Simulator 2 is such a type of experience as it lets you explore life on the wrong side of the law. The sequel to Drug Dealer Simulator offers you another chance to immerse in the life of a criminal with a plethora of novelties that make your adventure even more exciting.

An improved experience

Drug Dealer Simulator 2 takes you to Isla Sombra, an exotic location under a dictatorship that is perfect for you to become the drug lord you always wanted to be. As an outlaw seeking refuge, you arrive at the island and will soon have the opportunity to start your narcotics business. the game puts at your disposal a wide range of mechanics to achieve your goal. You will start small by cooking, portioning, and distributing illegal substances by yourself, but as the business grows you will have more pressing matters. Hire employees, establish hideouts, and create a thriving drug cartel that you can rule with an iron hand as you expand your business to nearby islands. Keep the military at bay, claim your territory, and fend off the attacks of other cartels while you build a massive drug dealing operation and become a true drug lord.



All of this may be very familiar to the fans of the first game, but Drug Dealer Simulator 2 also introduces some novelties. The game is much bigger than its predecessor, with a world 6 times bigger which you can explore solo or with other friends in multiplayer co-op mode. Improved AI, expansive environments, and all the flavour of the early 2000 technology make the game more immersive and offer you new opportunities. As you progress, new challenges and threats will arise to demonstrate to you that the life of a criminal is nothing but easy.

Drug Dealer Simulator 2 is now available on PC via Steam. You can check out the best deals on Drug Dealer Simulator 2 game codes with our comparator if you want to create your own criminal empire on a tropical island.

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