Bargain Alert: Back 4 Blood Ultimate Edition On Sale Now!

Bargain Alert: Back 4 Blood Ultimate Edition On Sale Now!

Good day to our avid gamers out there! If you've been hankering for a top-notch zombie game, then today's your lucky day.

Introducing Back 4 Blood Ultimate Edition, a riveting cooperative shooter that plunges you straight into a world teeming with the undead. From the creative minds that brought you the legendary zombie titles of yesteryears, this game promises adrenaline-pumping action, innovative gameplay mechanics, and, of course, hordes of relentless zombies.


Smash 'em all.. at a reasonable price!

The cherry on top? This gem is currently on offer at a price so tempting, it's practically a steal. If battling the undead with your mates sounds like your cup of tea, then you'd best snag Back 4 Blood whilst the offer stands.

The Ultimate Edition, containing the base game, 4 character Battle Hardened Skin Pack, additional digital in-game items, and an annual pass is now on sale at £11,95 on our affiliate retailers!

Stay sharp, and remember: in the world of "Back 4 Blood", it's either hunt or be hunted. So, why not get a head start with this smashing deal?

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