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Baldur's Gate III lines up for a 2023 release on Xbox

Baldur's Gate III lines up for a 2023 release on Xbox

Baldur's Gate III is one of the best role-playing games of all time and a title that will change the standards of the genre for years to come. Every element of the game has been polished to deliver the best possible experience and the results are outstanding. The game lets you tackle an epic storyline with an unprecedented level of freedom and delivers an impressive level of immersion that has made it one of the best Dungeons and Dragons adventures of all time.

Xbox release doubts

The launch of Baldur's Gate III on PC was a huge success, and it was followed by a PlayStation release one month later. The experience on Sony's console is on par with the PC version, and it has also received a very good response from the fans. Therefore, there is no doubt about the feelings of the ample community that is waiting for Baldur's Gate III to be released on Microsoft's consoles: they can't wait to play the game.

After some uncertainty on the matter, Larian Studios targeted the release of Baldur's Gate III on Xbox consoles for 2023. With the end of the year getting closer, there are some concerns about the release because Larian has yet to confirm a release date. Fortunately, Larian CEO Swen Vincke has recently revealed via X that the release of Baldur's Gate III on Xbox is "still on schedule for this year". Still, the studio is reticent to announce a release date until the game is ready to be shipped.



Baldur's Gate III has received some updates after it was released that improved several aspects of the game. Larian will include all those on the Xbox version at launch so players can get access to the best possible experience. Hopefully, the game will launch on Xbox Series very soon. You can rest assured that the best prices to buy a Baldur's Gate III Xbox key will be available on our comparator ahead of release.

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