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Baldur's Gate III is available on Xbox now

Baldur's Gate III is available on Xbox now

Larian delivers what it promises and Baldur's Gate III is finally playable on Xbox Series X/S. Players have had to wait several months for the release of the game on Microsoft's consoles. It was quite a hard task to avoid spoilers since the game has been all over the Internet in the form of videos, guides, commentaries, and memes, but the effort is really worth it. Baldur's Gate III is the Game of the Year 2023 and several patches have improved the game making it even better. Larian Studios released the game on Xbox consoles right after winning a total of six awards during the most important yearly event in the world of video games.

An unexpected release, kind of

Initially, there were some doubts about the Xbox version of Baldur's Gate III. Adapting the game to the capabilities of the Xbox S console was a nightmare for the developers, especially to make the split-screen mode work on the platform. It was the main cause of postponement for the release but the developers finally managed to overcome all the problems to release a version that is up to the expectations of a huge legion of fans. After promising that the launch of the game was still on track for 2023, Baldur's Gate III was made available on Xbox consoles on the same day we were supposed to know its official release date.



If you are a Xbox X/S user you have the best deals on Baldur's Gate III Xbox keys on our comparator. Get ready to immerse into one of the most epic RPG adventures ever released and discover the game everyone has been talking about. The Xbox version of the game includes all the updates released to date and offers you the best possible experience. We highly recommend that you give a try to the game on standard difficulty before attempting to complete it on Honor Mode. Permanent death and enemies using additional abilities are not something you probably want to face on your first playthrough.

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