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AAA Fighting game at the lowest price ever seen in UK!

AAA Fighting game at the lowest price ever seen in UK!

Capcom proudly reintroduces the quintessential fighting game series with Street Fighter 6. In the wake of the tremendous acclaim received by Street Fighter V this latest chapter promises to rekindle the fervour of the most demanding fighting contest for its ardent enthusiasts. Street Fighter 6 presents a refined combat mechanism, offering three distinct control schemes – Classic, Modern, and Dynamic – ensuring players can engage seamlessly at their preferred proficiency level.


Street Fighter 6 - Jaw Dropping Price Drop



Street Fighter 6 pledges a captivating journey for both long-standing aficionados and those new to the arena, courtesy of its sophisticated combat mechanics, eclectic roster of characters, unique encounters, and beyond. Whether you've long cherished the Street Fighter legacy or are merely keen to discern its esteemed standing as the premier fighting game series, Street Fighter 6 is unequivocally the video game selection for you.

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