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    Get medieval with Rising Lords, a turn-based strategy game where you rule over your own fiefdom using card and game board mechanics. Rule over your knights and serfs and use them to further your own ambitions—or take care of them and watch them prosper!

    Take charge of your land. Collect taxes from your people and put that money to work, raising armies, buying weapons for soldiers, and defending your cities. Promote peasants to knights and send them off to war. But be careful—mistreat your people and you may end up with a rebellion on your hands.

    Choose to play in campaign mode or engage three other players in multiplayer. Deal with other lords who may have designs on your territory. If diplomacy doesn’t work, then you will have to go to war.

    The art of Rising Lords looks like a living, breathing medieval tapestry. Fight using a card-based battle system set on a grid map. Pay attention to troop composition, terrain, and defenses as these will be factored in determining victory. Outfight and outmaneuver enemy forces to win the day. It’s time to marshal your forces in Rising Lords!

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