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    Explore, craft, and survive in the fantasy world of Nightingale. A call has gone up for Realm Walkers to enter the portals into the Fae Realms. Will you be one of these intrepid explorers?

    Nightingale is a fantasy PvE open-world survival game set in an alternate Victorian age. Play solo or adventure with friends through a co-op server. You play a Realm Walker stranded on another world when the interconnecting portal network collapsed. Now you must explore and survive through the Fae Realms in hopes of finding the city of Nightingale, the last bastion of humanity. 

    The Fae Realms you wander through are varied, beautiful, and absolutely lethal. You’ll explore enormous forests, bogs, deserts, and deep jungles to find new portals, which take you even deeper into the Fae Wilds. 

    To survive, you must build a shelter, gather resources, create tools you can use to harvest ore, wood, and plants, and craft the weapons and armor you need to become a more powerful Realm Walker. By finding special ingredients and mastering arcane skills, you can infuse your gear with magical abilities to help you against the land’s wandering monsters.

    There will be danger aplenty, for the Fae Realms are home to twisted beings called the Bound. The deeper you go, the more dangerous the Bound will be, and they won’t hesitate to invade your homes and destroy everything you’ve worked hard to make. 

    The Fae Realms call to you. Will you become a legendary Realm Walker and find your way to Nightingale?

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