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    Amplitude Studios takes a new approach at the Endless universe with Endless Dungeon, a Rogue-lite Tactical Action game that will let you control a group of heroes stranded in a long-abandoned space station. Every one of the members of your team is unique and you will have to put their abilities to the best use if you want to explore the depths of the space station and look for a way to escape this long-forgotten place. As soon as you open the first door, you will discover that the station is infested by all kinds of monsters that will put a swift end to your lives unless you obliterate them using any means at your disposal. Protecting the strange crystal that is the key to your survival is your first priority and defending it against a constant assault of creatures will be needed as you explore the endless corridors and rooms of this Endless Dungeon.

    If you liked Dungeon of the Endless, you can think of this game as a modern approach to the same theme, with similar mechanics and a completely different type of gameplay, more focused on shooting down your enemies from a different perspective.

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    • G2G badges and avatars
    • 'Dawn of the End' Skin Pack
    • Die-Hard Elite Skin Pack' (3 hero skins)
    • 'Pioneer Elite' Skin Pack (3 hero skins, 3 weapon skins, 1 Crystal Bot Skin)
    • Digital 'Reckless Squad Artbook'
    • Digital Original Soundtrack ft. singer Lera Lynn and composer Arnaud Roy
    • Access to Closed Beta (date TBD)
    • 48-hour Early Access

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