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    World War II is known as one of the greatest wars ever waged, and for good reason, its battles were legendary, and the men behind them, regardless of the side, were just as legendary. Now, in Hearts of Iron IV, you'll get to become these great leaders of men and lead your nation to victory against its foes. Command your armies on the ground, in the air, and on the sea to ensure total victory, similarly to the Hearts of Iron franchise. Hearts of Iron IV doesn't just give you command, it makes you the commander, and you'll have to not only win the battles, but win the hearts of your soldiers so that they'll follow you anywhere you need to go. Plus, you'll command units on all sides that helped turn the tide of battle over and over again. From soldiers, to tanks, to bomber planes, to battleships, you'll have the full arsenal at your disposal to help win each and every battle. The great war had some of the most powerful and infamous factions of all time, and you'll be able to command them all should you want. Become the might Allies and fight for freedom, or, become the Axis powers and fight for control over the entire world. Each side will give you new battles, new units, and new takes on the war. Strategy is the key in Hearts of Iron IV, but not just strategy in the war room, or on the battlefield, but also in the realm of diplomacy. You'll need to make allies to help you in battle, and ensure that key enemies don't get key items or support. Plus, you'll need to be strategic with your technology, to help your nation grow and advance through the war and help bring it to an end. For intense strategy and war simulation, you can do no better than Hearts of Iron IV.


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