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    When the future of Super Earth (yes, we said Super Earth) is in jeopardy, you need to call upon the greatest and most BA soldiers out there to help you fight off those that threaten you. You call...the Helldivers. In this over-the-top twin-stick action shooter, you'll get to team up with three of your friends to lead the charge against the alien invaders that threaten Super Earth. You'll get to show them in epic fashion that this is one planet you don't mess with. Despite its satirical nature, Helldivers has some serious gameplay for you to master. This is a co-op game for a reason, and you'll need to work together as unit in order to complete the many missions the game has to offer. You can place weapons for others to get, call in strikes on enemies to help create gaps to exploit, and more. All of this has to be done as a team, else you'll be picked apart. Only together as Helldivers will you be strong! But...that doesn't mean you can't mess with your teammates from time to time. As friendly-fire is totally an option, should you want to go down that path. But if you do work together, you'll grow and get new ranks, which will grant you new abilities! Plus, when the game is over, the journey truly only begins! For the game has loads of DLC including three new story packs in the forms of Masters Of The Galaxy, Turning Up The Heat and Democracy Strikes Back! Each of which will only grow your experience.

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