Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic leaves Early Access with a massive update

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic leaves Early Access with a massive update

There are plenty of city builders available in the market, but some of them stand above the others due to their originality and unique mechanics.Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is one of those, and it has demonstrated it during the long period that it has stayed in Early Access. The game developed by 3Division has very positive reviews and now it's finally available to play in its final version with the release of its update 1.0, which adds a plethora of changes to deliver players the final version of the game.

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Workers & Resourcers: Soviet Republic offers an exciting strategy experience that puts you in control of your own Soviet Republic, which you have to manage for the good of your people with the needs of the many in mind. The game offers a detailed simulation experience with deep mechanics that let you control every aspect of society and economy in your nation. With a Soviet-themed perspective, the future of your republic is in your hands, and you will have to take it very seriously if you want your nation to thrive, as plenty of challenges await you as you progress in the game. Construction, transportation, trade, healthcare, education, entertainment, and tourism are just some of the aspects that you will have to manage. With an impressive level of detail and complex simulation systems, the game offers you an outstanding experience that can even be enhanced with additional changes with the Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - Biomes DLC.



Update 1.0 adds a plethora of changes for an improved experience, including new buildings, additional playgrounds, a revamped education system, and more. You can check out all the details about the patch here.
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