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Vampire Survivors will keep growing in 2024

Vampire Survivors will keep growing in 2024

Despite being originally created by a single developer, Vampire Survivors is one of the most successful games released in recent years. This indie action roguelike game combines bullet-hell games mechanics with pixel-art graphics in 2D to deliver a satisfying and addictive experience that is the origin of a whole subgenre. Many games have followed its steps, and titles like Death Must Die offer a similar experience with twists interesting enough to deserve praise. However, Vampire Survivors continues to be a referent in the genre, mainly due to the hard work of Poncle, who keeps upgrading the game with new features.

Online co-op and cross-save

During 2023, the developer added quite a few novelties to Vampire Survivors and released several expansions for the game. Tides of the Foscari, Legacy of the Moonspell, have been recently followed by Emergendy Meeting. All of them added new scenarios, characters, weapons, and exciting gameplay features to Vampire Survivors, but there is more on the way.



Poncle has detailed what's coming to the game in a recent publication on Steam, where the studio explains that the two big targets for this year are the addition of online cooperative gameplay and support for crosssaves across multiple platforms. The addition of a cooperative multiplayer mode would significantly change the way players approach at Vampire Survivors and it will bne very interesting to seeing what kind of specific features the game receives on this matter.

With those additions, Vampire Survivors aims to continue being at the top and offer even more hours of fun to the fans. It's worth noticing that it's also one of the most cost-effective ways of investing your money, since it's quite affordable. You can find the best deals on Vampire Survivors PC codes with our comparator and immerse into this unique experience straight away if you have yet top discover it.

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