Bethesda introduces three major cities to explore in Starfield

Bethesda introduces three major cities to explore in Starfield

Starfield has become one of the most anticipated releases of the year. Bethesda's space adventure has surprised very gratefully a huge community of players that can't wait to play the game as soon as it becomes available in September. The game's impressive size, its exciting gameplay features, and the unique persuasion system alongside its impressive graphics will contribute to making it one of the most important games of 2023 if the launch goes moderately well.

Discover the Settled Systems

Developer Bethesda Softworks continues to reveal more details about the vast universe that gives shape to Starfield. The studio has released a series of animated videos showcasing some of the most important locations in The Settled Systems and offering a bit of an introduction to them.

In Supra Et Ultra, a courier pilot named Kent realizes that he wants to explore the space far from New Atlantis, the capital of the United Colonies, and a big metropolis home of the UC Vanguard.



Where Hope is Built follows Vanna, an Akila City orphan who dreams of exploring the far reaches of the galaxy and living exciting adventures.



The Hand that Feeds tells the story of Ada and Harper, two Neon street rats doing whatever it takes to survive in the "pleasure city" that will encounter an unexpected opportunity that may change their lives forever.



Overall, the three videos offer a glimpse of the kind of deep stories that Starfield will offer at launch. Of course, there are many more adventures to live in a game that will be different for each player that wants to delve deep into an immersive universe spanning over a thousand planets.

Remember that the release of Starfield is scheduled for September 9 on OC and Xbox Series X/S. As usual, the best prices to buy a Starfield Xbox key are available at our comparator.

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