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This week’s free game on Epic Games Store is Chivalry II

This week’s free game on Epic Games Store is Chivalry II

The Epic Games Store’s “MEGA Sale” is underway, and the company is giving away a “MYSTERY GAME” every week. As for this week, Chivalry II is available for free on PC through the Epic Games Store, and it will remain that way until June 6th. Another “MYSTERY GAME” will be available next week for free to PC gamers.

Chivalry II is a Online Multiplayer Medieval battle simulator. The game launched in 2021 and has proven to be popular on both PC and consoles, thanks to its large-scale clashes that immediately turn out to be chaotic, spectacular and very engaging. Gamers can battle each other online within massive 64-player battlefields with slashing swords and flaming arrows. Ride to war on horseback and claim glory by your blade. Keep fighting and gurgling out battlecries even when wounded, bleeding out and missing limbs.


Currently, Chivalry II is available on Steam with a 67% discount, making the game $13.19/€12.86. Outside of sales events, this game costs $39.99/€35,99 on PC. Fevently, the game received its “Regicide” update, which adds a new team objective map called “Regicide at Trayan Citadel”, the new Goedendag weapon, a new Campaign, new quality of life improvements, and more!

The Epic Games Store’s “MEGA Sale” will be up and running until June 13th. This means that the storefront should have another free “mystery game” before the sale ends. Until then, be sure to add this game to your library. But if you happened to miss out on the free deal, remember that you can always use our comparator to check out the best deal out of Chivalry II.

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