Tales of the Shire is officially unveiled

Tales of the Shire is officially unveiled

The Lord of the Rings is known for many things. For its fantastic medieval setting, the clash between humans, elves, and dwarves against orcs, goblins, and dragons. For Gandalf's majestic beard as he rides across Middle-earth's vast and sprawling lands and for all the epicness that only a high fantasy work can bring. However, the publisher Private Division wanted to change the spectrum and offer players a side of J. R. R. Tolkien's universe that games don't often visit: the cozy and unassuming life of the Hobbits in Tales of the Shire.

In an official trailer, the publisher showcases Tales of the Shire and how players will be able to manage and take care of their little corner in The Shire.



Tales of the Shire is published by Private Division, known for games like No Rest for the Wicked and The Outer Worlds, and developed by Wētā Workshop. In Tales of the Shire, you play as a Hobbit, can personalize your appearance, and dress in your best Hobbit attire with various customizations. It will be possible to decorate and modify your own home using a grid-free placement to position furniture and home décor to your liking. All this occurs in Bywater as you settle into your serene homestead for much-needed rest.

The Tales of the Shire gameplay loop functions similarly to a farming simulation game. Players must fish, garden, and forage to stock up the pantry. Each season offers different crops and flowers. Hobbits spend a lot of time in the warmth of the kitchen testing new recipes for mealtimes. Hosting a dinner party with fellow Hobbits and sharing meals with invited guests to create new relationships is also possible.

And for those who enjoy The Lord of the Rings for its immense cast, know that in Tales of the Shire, as the story progresses, it will be possible to meet iconic characters and familiar Hobbit families to trade for upgrades to skills, clothes, home, and more. However, these iconic characters are a secret behind closed doors, so we'll have to wait for the release of Tales of the Shire, still in 2024, to discover who they are.

Tales of The Shire is here to show that Middle-earth is not just about strife and chaos. There is still room for a relaxing and enjoyable life to flourish. If you want to see what joyful Hobbit life is like, check out our comparator for the best deals on Tales of the Shire, which should arrive soon.

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