No, Party Animals does not have an offline mode

No, Party Animals does not have an offline mode

Party Animals was destined to be one of those successful games that you enjoy alongside your friends during weekends. The premise of becoming a plushie to take part in intense physics-based battles where you fight against other animal-shaped plushies was highly appealing to many players. This positioned the game among the most pre-ordered titles on Steam ahead of its launch, which took place a few days ago. But a big controversy has hit Party Animals after that, as its developer has been accused of false advertising and the game has been bombarded by negative reviews on Steam because of that.



A big misunderstanding

Developer Recreate Games originally announced Party Animals as playable online and offline. It turns out that you need to be online to play the game, and the studio has rapidly proceeded to explain that all the problem comes from a translation error. According to the developer, the sentence "Paw it out with your friends both online and offline" meant something different.

"Our intention with this sentence was to convey that you can play with your friends remotely (online), or together in the same location using the same device (offline) through split-screen.

However, it seems this statement led some players to believe that Party Animals supports an offline mode. We regret the misunderstanding and wish to clarify that the game does not have, nor do we plan to introduce, an offline mode. Party Animals currently requires an online connection to play. To prevent further misunderstandings, we have revised the game description."

Despite the possible misunderstanding, Party Animals still offers quite a fun experience to those players willing to become a plushie. With its ragdoll physics-based gameplay, more than 30 animals to choose from, and 20 different maps to explore, the game is a very good option to spend the weekend having fun with your friends. If you are interested in getting it at the best price, you can get a Party Animals PC key with our comparator already.

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