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New Monster Hunter Wilds trailer revealed at State of Play 2024

New Monster Hunter Wilds trailer revealed at State of Play 2024

No one can deny the popularity of Monster Hunter, a series of fantasy-themed action role-playing video games from Capcom. Since the release of the first game, Monster Hunter, in 2004 for the PlayStation 2, the Monster Hunter franchise has surpassed 100 million units sold worldwide. Given this tremendous success, it's no surprise that Capcom announced the new game, the sixth generation of the franchise, titled Monster Hunter Wilds during the 2023 The Game Awards. It is the follow-up to the wildly successful Monster Hunter: World and Monster Hunter: Rise, which have sold about 40 million units between them.

Since the initial announcement of Monster Hunter Wilds, we have received a lot of information about the game. Recently, at the State of Play 2024 event, Capcom released the official trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds and confirmed the release year:


The trailer showcased during Thursday's State of Play stream offered a fresh cinematic glimpse of Monster Hunter Wilds, featuring snippets of combat gameplay. We observed various weapons and their combat functionalities, with confirmation that all 14 weapon types from previous games are making a return, along with new actions. Additionally, the trailer revealed more details about the game's sandstorm-affected biome, the Windward Plains.

In addition to the information revealed through trailers, we also have details from the official website of the game, and here are some of them:

  • The Hunter now has a raptor-like companion called a Seikret, which appears to serve a similar purpose to the Palamute, with the added ability to bound between rock formations, glide, and access equipment.
  • The Hunter can now take two weapons into a hunt and can swap between them by mounting their Seikret.
  • The explorable area appears to be significantly larger than in previous games.
  • Areas can now undergo significant changes in climate during and between hunts; for example, the Windward Plains can change from lush plains to a brutal desert and experience violent thunderstorms and sandstorms.

Monster Hunter Wilds does not have a firm release date yet but is confirmed to be out sometime in 2025 for PS5, Xbox, and PC. More information about the game is expected to be revealed at the Summer Game Fest, which kicks off on June 7. You can also preorder the game right now by using our price comparison tool to get the best deals for Monster Hunter Wilds.

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