Watch a new Blasphemous 2 gameplay video

Watch a new Blasphemous 2 gameplay video

Just a few days ahead of the arrival of Blasphemous 2, developer The Game Kitchen surprises us with a new video showcasing its gameplay. The sequel to one of the most original Metroidvania titles released in recent years will launch on August 24, 2023, and it will offer a unique type of experience that the fans will love. If Blasphemous amazed us with its gothic art style inspired by old Spanish religious traditions, Blasphemous 2 will continue to do so as we immerse in a second journey to face a new Miracle. But the upcoming game brings more novelties in terms of gameplay and will definitely please the fans, who will see its multiple features enhanced to deliver an experience that can be considered more Metroidvania than ever.

Action to boot

The video, which you can watch below courtesy of IGN, shows the first fifteen minutes of gameplay. Those familiar with the franchise will see that it's more than enough to see some of the innovations that Blasphemous 2 brings, being the possibility of choosing between several weapons the most notable one. You can also notice a significant improvement in the quality of the graphics which contributes to making the experience even better without diminishing its dynamism.



In Blasphemous 2, you will have more options than ever to customize The Penitent One and create plenty of different builds that favor specific playstyles. Of course, you will need to master these if you want to complete this challenging adventure, which is not short of traps, hordes of enemies, and lethal bosses.

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