Lies of P shows Pinocchio's mechanical arm in action

Lies of P shows Pinocchio's mechanical arm in action

If a few days ago we could watch Pinocchio laying waste to his enemies with a selection of weapons in a Lies of P video, now it's our turn to discover his mechanical arm. Pinocchio is using a contraption that serves both as his left arm and a multipurpose tool in the game. By combining the multiple configurations of his Legion Arm with a wide arsenal of handcrafted and unique weapons, the protagonist of Lies of P has even more options at his disposal to defend himself from the many threats that the game will throw at him. Each combination favors a different playstyle, allowing him to perform different attacks.

Choose the appropriate tool for each fight

From heavy and demolishing strikes to fast and deadly stabs, you will have multiple ways to attack your enemies, but the Legion Arm also opens up other tactical choices in combat. The Deus Ex Machina version of the Legion Arm allows you to plant charged spikes on the ground that will explode damaging nearby enemies after a while. The Aegis is a powerful retractable shield that can block even the most powerful hits. The Falcon Eye shoots deadly projectiles that will impale your foes and explode a few seconds later. The Puppet String is a grappling hook of shorts that you can use to get closer to your enemies or pull them towards you. The Fulminis can charge up electric power and unleash a powerful blast to shock your enemies. The Flamberge is a powerful flamethrower capable of reducing your enemies to ashes. Finally, the Pandemonium is a weird-looking contraption that shoots some kind of liquid with devastating effects.



As you can see, these are all quite effective in keeping your enemies at bay in Lies of P, especially when combined with a couple of well-placed hits from your main-hand weapon. It's up to you which ones to use at any given time in the game. Only by mastering their use will you be able to survive in Lies of P.

The release of the game is around the corner, and the hype for this new Souls-like adventure is quite high. Remember that you can use our comparator to get a Lies of P Xbox key anytime if you don't want to miss it.

Lies Of P
Lies Of P
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