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Immortals of Aveum details its magic system

Immortals of Aveum details its magic system

Immortals of Aveum promises an exciting adventure in a world where everything is fueled by magic. As one of the very rare Triarchs capable of manipulating all three aspects of magic, you will have a decisive role in the final outcome of the cruel Everwar that will determine the future of Aveum. Accompanied by a group of elite mages, you have to defend the kingdom from the attacks of the Tyrant of Rasharn and his armies to prevent him from destroying your homeland.



Immortals of Aveum features an incredibly detailed magic system that allows you to use three different colors of magic in combat, to navigate the intricate scenarios that you will explore in the game, and also to solve puzzles in order to progress. Developer Ascendant Studios has shed some light on the different properties and uses of each color of magic in the latest Immortals of Aveum video, which also provides us with some insight into the intricacies of the world and its story.

Three colors and endless possibilities

The game's magic system allows you to use sigils to attack your enemies with different types of magic. If Red magic boosts your close combat capabilities, Blue magic will let you snipe enemies from a distance, and Green magic lets you bombard the battlefield with homing projectiles. Those are not the only tools in your arsenal. You also have access to Furies that will consume your mana bar to generate incredibly powerful and devastating effects, and you can charge up an ultimate skill that combines all three colors of magic and takes the form of an energy beam capable of disintegrating anything.



Immortals of Aveum offers you plenty of possibilities to customize your character as you see fit while boosting his powers. You will find a plethora of magic items that you can use to empower your abilities or deconstruct to craft others that suit your playstyle better. You won't be short of options when it comes to dominating the battlefield.

You won´t have to wait much longer until you can immerse yourself in this amazing FPS adventure. The release of the game is scheduled for August 22, 2023, and you can get your Immortals of Aveum CD key at the best price with our comparator already.


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