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Halo Infinite reveals its new progression system

Halo Infinite reveals its new progression system

Season 4 will kick off soon for Halo Infinite and it's bringing quite a few novelties into the game. We recently talked about the return of the Infection Mode, a favorite of the fans that pits a team of Spartans against a horde of Infected that will grow in numbers every time these nasty creatures claim a kill. New maps and other features will enhance the gameplay in one of the most popular multiplayer experiences since it was released. Developer 343 Industries still has more exciting things in store for Season 4 and the best of them all is a brand new progression system that will reward players for their performance in Halo Infinite.

Career Ranks

Season 4: Infection kicks off on June 20 and it will bring the new Career Ranks to better reflect your overall progression in Halo Infinite. The fans of the series have seen a similar system in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The progression system is divided into Tiers, which are divided into Ranks and Grades. As you progress through the system, you will unlock cosmetic items to customize your Spartan in the game including nameplates and emblems for your armor, weapon, and vehicle. It's an easy form of displaying your experience and showing that you are a seasoned player as the system won't reset for every new season.


According to the information revealed by 343 Industries in a blog post, your Rank doesn´t have an impact on matchmaking and you can climb up the system just by playing Halo Infinite normally, but your performance also has an impact on your progression.

"To make progress through these new ranks, all you have to do is play. Whether you’re jumping into your favorite playlist solo or squadding up with your friends, every completed matchmaking game carries you forward.
Additionally, Career Rank utilizes performance-based progression taken directly from your Personal Score in each match. The better you play, the faster you’ll rank up."

The new progression system alongside the other novelties in Season 4: Infection will surely spice up the gameplay experience in Halo Infinite. Remember that if you want to find out what happens in the latest chapter of Master Chief's story, you can check out the best deals on Halo Infinite Xbox keys with our comparator to play the campaign.

  • Official website : Halo Infinite
  • Categories : Action , Adventure
  • Editor : Xbox Game Studios
  • Developer : 343 Industries
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : December 8, 2021
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