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Ghostwire: Tokyo has more than 6 million players

Ghostwire: Tokyo  has more than 6 million players

This year is a very difficult one to shine on the video game market because it's full of amazing titles, but some new IPs have managed to find a comfortable spot for themselves. Ghostwire: Tokyo is one of these. Tango Gamework's creation has needed some time to gain momentum, mainly because it was released shortly after Elden Ring, and all eyes were focused on FromSoftware's game. The exclusivity of the game on PlayStation consoles for a whole year has also been a hindrance to its sales. It's arrival on Xbox consoles has been very welcomed by the fans of action games with horror tints and this exciting adventure has managed to position itself among the big hits of the genre.

Developer Tango Gameworks has celebrated the achievement with a publication on Twitter.



Ghostwire: Tokyo is a unique adventure that takes you to the haunted streets of a dystopic Tokyo city that has been invaded by evil spirits. Most of the population has disappeared and you are one of the few left, but you are immersed in a quest for vengeance because you have allied with a mysterious and powerful spirit to survive. Action to the boot, monsters inspired by Japanese culture, and a thrilling storyline are the keys to the success of Ghostwire: Tokyo.


A sequel is coming

It seems that Microsoft was quite aware of Ghostwire: Tokyo's good numbers as there are already plans in place to release a sequel. the information was present in some documents leaked recently that announced the release of a sequel in 2024. Although there is no official confirmation on this matter yet, it wouldn't be surprising to see news about Ghostwire: Tokyo 2 sometime next year.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the thrill of fighting your way through a vast city full of evil spirits in Ghostwire: Tokyo. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series. You can buy a cheap Ghostwire: Tokyo code with our comparator anytime.

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