Enshrouded receives a major update full of content

Enshrouded receives a major update full of content

Enshrouded is slowly progressing to become one of the most interesting survival experiences of 2024. The game had a very good reception when it entered Early Access and it was praised by critics and players for its survival mechanics, crafting system, and gameplay experience. However, that was just the beginning of a long development process that aimed to polish the experience and take it to a superior level.

Developer Keen Games has not been shy of requesting the collaboration of those players already immersed in the game. The studio is more than willing to modify the game to shape it into a perfect experience for those who are already supporting it and presented an ambitious roadmap with many stages. Now, the first major update for Enshoruded has finally arrived, and it significantly changes the game with new additions that promise to make it even more appealing.

Hollow Walls Update

The most relevant addition to Enshrouded with this patch is the arrival of much bigger dungeons for the players to explore. However, the Hollow Walls update also brings a plethora of changes that improve other aspects of the experience. New types of enemies populate the world and they will pose a threat to your survival. But don't fret, the update also includes new means to make yourself more powerful and have a better chance of survive. You can now unlock a plethora of new recipes to craft new weapons and more in a new and mysterious crafting station. Also, this update improves Enshrouded by fixing the problems to provide a better experience on higher framerates, adding many quality-of-life enhancements, and more.



You can check out the whole list of improvements in the Hollow Walls update patch notes. It's worth saying that many of these changes have been applied as the result of the suggestions from the community, whose members are actively working to create the game they desire.

There are still many changes planned for Enshrouded. The final version of the game won't be available until next year, which means that if Keen Games maintains the same pace with the updates we will end with a significantly improved experience at launch.

The game is now playable and it offers an engaging and solid experience, that will get better over time. It's perfectly fine to use our comparator and get an Enshrouded CD key to immerse in this epic open-world survival adventure today, especially if you want to contribute to its development.

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