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Dragon's Dogma II does not require you to play the first game

Dragon's Dogma II does not require you to play the first game

Dragon's Dogma II is the highly anticipated sequel to the open-world action RPG released by CAPCOM. The upcoming release of the game has generated great hype among the fans of Dragon's Dogma who now see ahead of them a new opportunity to return to the world of one of their favourite games. However, the announcement of Dragon's Dogma II has generated certain doubts among those who didn't get to experience the first adventure. The main concern is about the necessity of playing the classic game to fully understand the story in the sequel. The developer has already revealed many details about the game, including extended footage showing the different classes in combat, and it has recently shed some light on this matter too.

Memory loss is the key

It turns out that you will not need to have any information about the story in the previous game to enjoy playing Dragon's Dogma II. According to game director Hideaki Itsuno in an interview with GamesRadar, the studio has opted for making the Arisen amnesic in the game. Therefore, the hero will not have any recollection of past events, and the previous story will not have a significant impact on your adventure in Dragon's Dogma II.

"The game starts off with a main character who has lost their memory. That means that the developers were able to have characters around you explain things to get you up to speed. So even if this is your first time playing Dragon's Dogma, you can safely dive in."

It's worth saying that although amnesia is not a very original approach to solving this problem it has proven to be quite effective in other cases. It gives the developers a seemingly reasonable excuse to create a new story with fewer limitations while also diminishing the significance of previous events. New players can now rest assured that Dragon's Dogma II will offer an immersive experience that they can enjoy to the fullest.



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