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Defy the tyranny of a god in Atlas Fallen

Defy the tyranny of a god in Atlas Fallen

Atlas Fallen is the new action-adventure game from the creators of The Surge. Deck 13 Interactive takes you to a fantasy world ruled with an iron hand by a corrupted god where you will raise as the only hope of humanity. Fighting against all odds and wielding a mysterious gauntlet capable of unleashing devastating powers, you will embark on a mission to liberate your people from the oppression of the tyrant while you explore a unique world full of dangers and uncover its secrets.

The Sun God that reigns over the world of Atlas is a merciless destroyer whose powers have turned the land into a devastated desert ever covered by sand and dust. Nobody has been able to challenge his power until now, but you will encounter an ancient artifact that can shape the sand: the Gauntlet. Equipped with it, you can create shapeshifting weapons and use devastating abilities that could give you an edge against the Sun God and the monsters that you will encounter in your travels.

Impressive battles

Atlas Fallen is all about frantic action and incredible combo attacks. In the game, you can charge up your momentum bar by attacking normally and then use that momentum to unleash powerful attacks and decimate your opponents. The more momentum you gain, the bigger your weapon will be and you will be able to use more powerful attacks, but you will also receive more damage. By combining different weapons on the fly you can create explosive combos. But Atlas Fallen also has room for less aggressive playstyles, and you can use different gems to customize your abilities and choose more defensive options like shields and healing skills.


The game features more than 150 gems to combine and it offers you plenty of possibilities to create different combat builds. Also, Atlas Fallen can be played in cooperative mode alongside a friend, which doubles the funs and the tactical possibilities.

Atlas Fallen is a thrilling adventure with a deep focus on high-octane combat that you will enjoy if you are a fan of the genre. The release of the game is scheduled for August 10 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Feel free to check out our comparator to buy an Atlas Fallen CD key at the best price anytime if you are willing to immerse in such an adventure.

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