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Creative Assembly will overhaul Total War: Pharaoh with a free update

Creative Assembly will overhaul Total War: Pharaoh with a free update

As creators of the Total War series, Creative Assembly has a long story of developing exciting strategy video games. The unique combination of turn-based strategy and real-time battles present in the series has secured a massive player base. Total War: Pharaoh is the latest instalment in the popular series and it takes you to Egypt in the aftermath of Pharaoh Merneptah's death for you to decide the future of the region. The game offers a solid strategy experience but the studio has decided to improve it in an upcoming patch that will add gameplay enhancements and four new factions.

New additions

Total War: Pharaoh will receive an overhaul that will arrive in the form of a free update. The first big highlight of the update is a bigger campaign map that will include the regions of Mesopotamia and the Aegean, as well as the cultures of Babylon, Assyria, Mycenae and Troy as new playable choices. The update will also bring important changes to the campaign with the implementation of a new Dynasty system that will allow your leader's legacy to survive the ages. The combat system will not receive any significant changes but players will have more options than ever with the addition of over 80 new units for the Mesopotamian factions and over 70 more that come directly from Total War Saga: Troy. If you enjoy Total War: Pharaoh as it is right now, you don't have to worry because the studio is taking steps to allow players to continue experiencing the original campaign in its current form.



Surprisingly, Creative Assembly makes all these additions free as the studio is well known for releasing a lot of DLCs for its games. However, we have already seen some changes in their policies with the recent release of Thrones of Decay for Total War: Warhammer III. In any case, the new content will contribute to making Total War: Pharaoh bigger and better. Unfortunately, we don't know its release date yet.

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May 3, 2024, 14:03
could've made Medieval 2 total war instead of Pharaoh
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