Content Warning might be the next Lethal Company

Content Warning might be the next Lethal Company

Content Warning is a cooperative survival-horror video game published by Landfall Games, a studio known for quirky titles such as TABS and Stick Fight: The Game. Content Warning was released on April 1st, 2024, as part of Landfall's tradition of releasing a game on April Fool's Day.

In Content Warning, you and three friends embark on a journey deep into the "Old World," using a camera to document footage for your SpöökTube channel. The more terrifying and chilling scenes your film contains, the more viewers and followers you attract. The Old World, home to various monsters, haunted relics, and artifacts, is the perfect place to make a name for yourself.

The ad revenue from your SpöökTube videos enables you to upgrade your gear to film better videos and survive more easily in the Old World. If your team accumulates enough views in three days, you get to continue your SpöökTube career and live a life of fame and fortune.

Many players find the core gameplay loop of Content Warning somewhat similar to Lethal Company, a cooperative survival horror video game created by Zeekerss. Both games are extremely humorous and terrifying, urging players to do whatever it takes to meet their quota. However, the difference in Content Warning is that while Lethal Company emphasizes players splitting up to collect scrap to meet quota, Content Warning encourages players to work together to create hilarious, but mostly terrifying footage. The most crucial element in Content Warning is always the camera. No matter how gruesome and terrifying the monsters you and your friends encounter may be, if you don't capture it on film, who would believe it, right?

With its addictive and dramatic gameplay loop combined with Landfall's familiar and humorous game physics, Content Warning has won over players' hearts. Within just 24 hours of release, the game reached 200K concurrent players and over 6.2 million owners on Steam. This remarkable achievement is not only due to the innovative gameplay and creative concept but also thanks to Landfall's clever marketing strategy - offering the game for free for the first 24 hours, ensuring the game reaches a wider audience.

It must be noted, however, that Content Warning currently has many bugs and server issues affecting the player experience. The game is developed by a very small team of devs (only 5 people), so fixes may take a little while, but they are doing their best to address the issues.

If you haven't had the chance to try this humorous and highly enjoyable game with your friends, Content Warning is definitely worth playing. Make sure to use our price comparison tool to purchase Content Warning.

Apr 4, 2024, 15:47
Played it with my friends for hours and I gotta say this game is sometimes better than lethal company :D
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