Climb to the top of hell together with friends in Chained Together

Climb to the top of hell together with friends in Chained Together

As gamers, we have all either played or heard of "rage platformer" or "punishing climbing games" at least once. Mentioning these types of games inevitably brings up Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, the groundbreaking game in this unique genre that once shook the gaming community. Following the success of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, numerous equally captivating games of the same genre have been released, such as Jump King and A Difficult Game About Climbing. These games are always the top choice for streamers and viewers alike due to their challenging, entertaining, and rage-inducing nature.

Just recently, another rage platformer titled Chained Together with a unique setting was released on Steam on June 19, 2024:

As the name suggests, in Chained Together, you and your friends will be chained to each other. Together, you will overcome countless obstacles in the depths of hell, with your mission being to escape hell by climbing as high as possible. Each step brings you closer to the summit, and one mistake could reset all your progress to zero.

Chained Together features a 3D environment for you to freely run and jump around, similar to Only Up!. However, the standout feature of Chained Together is the chain. The game boasts realistic chain physics, meaning the chain is not just a visual element. It is governed by a physics simulation that allows it to wrap around platforms. This unique element encourages player cooperation. Players can employ various strategies, such as jumping together, having one person stay behind as an anchor in case another fails a jump, or even using the chain physics to navigate certain obstacles creatively.

Chained Together is obviously better when played with friends, as the game supports online or local multiplayer for up to 4 players. If you find the game too challenging or don't have the patience to start from the bottom again after making mistakes, don’t worry. Chained Together features several difficulty modes: Beginner, Normal, and Lava mode:

  • Beginner: An option in the pause menu allows you to teleport back to the highest point you reached before a significant fall.
  • Normal: No specific help; you fall if you fail and must start over.
  • Lava: You must climb quickly before the lava engulfs you.

So, what are you waiting for? Call your friends to conquer the depths of hell together in Chained TogetherChained Together is out right now on Steam. Make sure to use DLCompare's price comparison tool to get the best deal for Chained Together.

  • Categories : Adventure , Casual , Simulation
  • Editor : Anegar Games
  • Developer : Anegar Games
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer, Co-op
  • Release date : June 19, 2024
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