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Capcom details the updates coming for Dragon's Dogma II

Capcom details the updates coming for Dragon's Dogma II

Dragon's Dogma II is one of the biggest releases of 2024 so far. The game was released recently with great success but it has been hit by a certain controversy regarding the presence of in-game microtransactions and a few technical problems. However, this has not stopped it from topping the sales charts. Some players have already found a way of bypassing the biggest concern about microtransactions as there is a mod available that lets you get for free the item that Capcom sells for cash in the game, which lets you change the look of your character. The developer studio doesn't seem to be very worried about this matter and it's now focusing on the post-launch process for Dragon's Dogma II. This includes a sizeable number of future updates whose content has been now made public on the game's X account.

Coming in the near future

Dragon's Dogma II will receive a series of technical fixes even though the overall performance of the game across all platforms is quite solid. The future updates will improve the quality of DLSS Super Resolution, add options to toggle on and off Ray Tracing and Motion Blur, and a new option to swap the frame rate from Variable to 30 FPS. This last specific change should improve the performance on consoles and possibly prevent the frame rate from dropping to low numbers at any time, Also, the number of "Art of Metamorphosis" items, which allow players to change the appeareance of their characters, will be raised to 99, addressing one of the biggest complaints from the players, who find them to be very scarce now.



Capcom is responding to the problems and the concerns of the community with appropriate speed and it's planning to continue improving the game beyond those changes. It's too soon to talk about the possible release of additional content for Dragon's Dogma II in the form of DLC, but only time will tell if that door is open or not.

Meanwhile, Dragon's Dogma II offers the players a great adventure with an engaging combat system that gives them control over the Arisen and their Pawns. With plenty of followers to recruit, each with their own abilities and stats, and many ways to customize and develop your character, Dragon's Dogma II has added depth to the franchise and it's a highly recommendable game to play right now. Of course, you can use our comparator if you want to get a cheap Dragon's Dogma II code for your platform of choice and immerse into an epic adventure today.

Kitten Chucklenugget
Kitten Chucklenugget
Mar 26, 2024, 9:22 PM
no performance optimizations. man this game needed that
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